thats the opposite of a problem

dirk just woke him up so. he jumped off of me. i have a hole in my heart

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i want to draw but there is a puppy asleep on my lap

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a small cat

a baby

Whine whine whine

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In preparation for MTMTE 32… (be warned for possible spoilers)


I figured, why not make a compilation of all of markerguru001's live tweeting as he was drawing said issue… Just so… y'know… we can be prepared (we’ll never be prepared) for all the heartache and despair.

So without further ado… here are some of the scariest best:

"Well, it seems like I’ve gotten to the messed up pages in this issue. Get ready to never sleep right again."

"People are going to cry or rage."

"This script is the stuff of nightmares. When did this become a horror comic?"

"New tagline for issue 32: abandon hope and joy for you will find none of that here.”

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swerve bets rodimus that he cant get the lost light to do a barrel roll and rodimus starts to storm to the bridge, ultra magnus physically restrains him

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検索タグ: #transformers
Name: Yes
Album: Fly From Here
Track: Fly From Here - Overture



Yes - Fly From Here Overture 


Did somebody say bring the Yes fandom back?

Well bring it back we shall! B)

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